Proposal Consultation

Assistance with identifying and understanding funding solicitation requirements

Solicitations are often lengthy and complex. Luckily, the Grants Hub is available to help decipher these challenging documents. This service involves an individual consultation, which may include any or all of these services:

  • Identify the key requirements and constraints of a funding solicitation.
  • Identify resources available to enhance a component of the proposal.
  • Create a checklist of the necessary components which may include an accompanying timeline.
  • Review the full list of services available from the Grants Hub

For this service, the Grants Hub staff are open to collaborating with other support staff around campus, such as grant coordinators, on proposals for external research funding. The Grants Hub does not provide proposal development support for internal ISU opportunities, though college pre-award support units may offer this service.


We’ve developed and compiled a series of resources to help researchers understand solicitation requirements.