• Proposal Consultation Submit a Request

    This service involves an individual consultation aimed toward identifying the key requirements and constraints of an external funding solicitation and creating a checklist of these components. Submit a request, or click the arrow in the lower right of this box to view our related resources.
  • Budget Consultation/Preparation Submit a Request

    Our staff is available to assist with budget preparation for proposals with and without subcontracts. Submit a request, or click the arrow in the lower right of this box to view the Grants Hub’s related resources.
  • Editing Submit a Request

    The Grants Hub is available to help put the finishing touches on proposals. This service involves editing to improve clarity, flow, and style and proofreading to achieve a grammatically correct and professionally polished document that adheres to formatting requirements.
  • Broader Impacts Submit a Request

    The National Science Foundation (NSF) requires proposals to contain plans for the research projects’ broader societal impacts. Click the arrow in the lower right to see the Grants Hub’s resources that can help researchers and staff understand NSF’s expectations for this portion of the proposal.
  • Graphic Design Submit a Request

    Well-designed graphics are a powerful tool to explain your concepts and data to proposal reviewers. They make abstract ideas more tangible, describe complex processes and organizational structures, highlight key data points, and create a brand identity for your team – all in less space than can be done in prose. The Grants Hub has graphic design expertise to develop figures, diagrams, and charts for grant proposals.