• Photo of Jessica Bell

    Jessica Bell

    Role: Post-Award Consulting, Project Management Phone: 515-294-4222 Email:
  • Photo of Oksana Gieseman

    Oksana Gieseman

    Role: Editing, Graphics, Marketing Phone: 515-294-1193 Email:
  • Photo of Cathy Owen

    Cathy Owen

    Role: Grants Hub Coordinator Phone: 515-294-4220 Email:
  • Photo of Ann Russell

    Ann Russell

    Role: Faculty Advisor, Editing Phone: 515-294-5612 Email:
  • Photo of Sue Shipitalo

    Sue Shipitalo

    Role: Finding Funding, Limited Submissions, Internal Funding Phone: 515-294-4933 Email:
  • Photo of Rachael Voas

    Rachael Voas

    Role: Strategic Research Projects Phone: 515-294-5220 Email:
  • Photo of Seth Wilmes

    Seth Wilmes

    Role: Budget Preparation, Proposal Consultation, Proposal Support Phone: 515-294-3045 Email:
  • Photo of Liz Zuercher

    Liz Zuercher

    Role: Director Phone: 515-294-2429 Email: