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Grants Hub Service Request

The Grants Hub now has a single consolidated request form for all services. As most services beyond a basic consultation involve several weeks of effort – or even months for highly complex interdisciplinary proposals and projects – we encourage you to submit your service request as early as possible.

The Grants Hub provides the following categories of services to ISU researchers and interdisciplinary research teams.

  • Finding Funding:  consultation on software tools and strategies for identifying relevant funding opportunities and potential collaborators.
  • Proposal/Budget Development: pre-award proposal support, which may include consultation on RFP requirements and sponsor expectations, preparation of a new or revised proposal budget and budget justification, coordination and uploading of proposal documents, and GoldSheet initiation and routing.
  • Editing: editing of an external funding proposal narrative for grammar, clarity, style, and compliance with formatting requirements. Graphics – development of figures for inclusion in an external funding proposal.
  • Broader Impacts Consultation: help to develop an effective NSF Broader Impacts statement and identify partner programs and resources to build and evaluate a broader impacts initiative.
  • Project Management: consultation, training, facilitation, and tools to enable collaboration across interdisciplinary research teams and management of project goals, risks, and timelines.