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The mission of Strengthening the Professoriate at Iowa State University (SP@ISU) is to support faculty as they develop Broader Impact (BI) activities for NSF proposals, integrate these activities into their research program, and document their BI work for the promotion and tenure process. Postdoctoral scholars and advanced graduate students also participate as they prepare their professional credentials for the professoriate. The outcome for SP@ISU will be more competitive NSF proposals, a new generation of faculty who integrate BI work into their research programs, and increased participation of those traditionally underrepresented in STEM, all outcomes that will strengthen the professoriate.

SP@ISU Presentations & Posters

These presentations were made to external audiences. One or more SP@ISU team members contributed as a presenter or author. Various on-campus presentations have been made by SP@ISU, many of which are listed under Events or Information for Faculty.

2015 National Alliance for Broader Impacts (NABI) Summit

The National Alliance for Broader Impacts (NABI) hosted its 3rd annual Broader Impacts Summit April 29 – May 1, 2015 in Madison, Wisconsin.  The Summit included a pre-conference workshop, keynote speakers, working sessions, a poster session, and networking opportunities.  Sessions focused on building infrastructure for public engagement and education, evaluation of broader impact activities, and planning the future of the broader impacts community.

Poster: Strengthening the Professoriate through Broader Impacts Infrastructure
Megan Heitmann and Diane Rover
2015 NABI Poster

Presentation: Strengthening the Professoriate through Broader Impacts Infrastructure
Bonnie Bowen (ISU), Nancy Franz (ISU), Levi Johnson (Texas Tech), Julie Risien (Oregon State), Mack Shelley (ISU) – This session explored the interrelationships among broader impacts work, institutional support, and faculty retention in STEM academic careers. Topics covered the ways that support and recognition for broader impacts work contribute to faculty satisfaction and advancement. Institutional practices and policies were considered, including attention to engaged scholarship. The session introduced a research model that associates retention and satisfaction with various types of support through a motivational theory framework. Panelists highlighted notable practices on their campuses related to faculty development and awards.

Presentation: Evaluating Impact at Multiple Levels
Jamie Bell (CAISE), Mack Shelley (ISU), Douglas Spencer (Edu Inc.) – Assessing effectiveness of BI programming is a key component of federal research funding. This session explored multiple levels of broader impacts evaluation. A panel of experts discussed evaluation resources for individual broader impacts plans, potential ways to aggregate information across programs, and ways to assess support office effectiveness.

Presentation: Making an Extension Connection: Integrated Models
David Baker (University of Missouri), Megan Heitmann (Iowa State University), Dan Neubauer (Iowa State University), Susan Renoe (University of Missouri), Julie Risien (Oregon State University), Diane Rover (Iowa State Unversity) – This session highlighted the current models for building broader impacts through partnering with extension.

Presentation: Unveiling Impact Identities: Designing BI Professional Development for Early Career STEM Faculty
Megan Heitmann (Iowa State University), Amy Pratt (Northwestern University), Julie Risien (Oregon State University), Susan Renoe (University of Missouri), Diane Rover (Iowa State Unversity) – This workshop engaged participants to collaboratively design a professional development training with the aim of helping early career faculty unveil their “impact identity” in order to establish career-long goals while impacting their research and learning to cultivate a tool set to help them achieve these goals. Presenters framed the issue and proposed a skeleton model for the training. The participants worked in facilitated groups to iteratively improve the model.

2014 IEEE Global Virtual Mini-Conference on Early Career Faculty Development: Creating a Research Program, Broader Impacts Panel

Anthony Kolenic (University of Michigan), Vijay Kumar (University of Pennsylvania), Ada Poon (Stanford University), Diane Rover (ISU) – Broader impacts are becoming an increasing discriminator in successful grant applications.  This panel session discussed how researchers can identify and incorporate broader impacts to society as part of the grant proposal.  https://www.ieee.org/education_careers/education/university_programs/early_career_faculty_conference.html

2014 Broader Impacts Infrastructure Summit: Broader Impacts – Sustainability, Return on Investment, and Community Impact

Building on the success of the inaugural Broader Impacts Infrastructure Summit, more than 120 members of the national broader impacts community met in Arlington, Virginia, on April 16-18, 2014, to share promising practices, to discuss the future of the national broader impacts community, and, most importantly, to dialogue about the future of broader impacts. http://broaderimpactssummit.missouri.edu/index.php

Panel Discussion – The Future of the BI Infrastructure Community
Megan Heitmann (ISU), Jane Horwitz (University of Pennsylvania), Kemi Jona (Northwestern University), Kevin Niemi (University of Wisconsin), Amy Pratt (Northwestern University), Susan Renoe (University of Missouri), Diane Rover (ISU), and Kay Storm (Stanford University) – In this panel session, speakers provided background on the formation of the BI community, introduced the RCN proposal as a means to grow and develop the community, and facilitated input from attendees on the future of the network and needs of the community.

Workshop – BI Measurement: What, how, and why? 
Jamie Bell (CAISE), Jeff Buehler (University of Missouri), Mack Shelley (ISU), and Douglas Spencer (Edu, Inc.) – Panelists addressed questions about the scale and focus of evaluation of BI and related outreach and engagement and educational activities. What was or should have been measured about BIs and why? What methods would be most effective for aggregating this information in different settings? How could this inform NSF’s recent calls for evaluating BIs in the aggregate across programs? Did that sort of cumulative impact crowd out what was learned from innovative or small-scale programs?

2014 NSF I3 Conference: Improving the Undergraduate STEM Experience

Title: Strengthening the Professoriate through Broader Impacts Infrastructure
Author: Diane Rover
Co-presenter: Mack Shelley
Date: March 13-14, 2014
Location: National Academies of Science building, Washington, D.C.
2014 Poster

2013 Broader Impacts Infrastructure Summit

The Infrastructure Summit was held on April 24-26, 2013 at the Christopher S. Bond Life Sciences Center at the University of Missouri.  The goal of the summit was to bring together broader impact infrastructure professionals in a collegial and supportive environment where success stories, issues, and challenges were shared to help prepare for the future of broader impacts infrastructure.  Faculty, administrators, and staff who support the work of broader impacts were encouraged to attend.

Presentation: Documenting Broader Impact
Diane Rover, Sharron Quisenberry, and Megan Heitmann facilitated a session about how to document broader impact activities at the institution, how important they are to document, how to measure the reach of the research programs, and how to communicate all this to the public.
BI Presentation

Poster: Infrastructure-Oriented Broader Impacts
Iowa State University did participate in the infrastructure-oriented poster session.  The poster session was to showcase institutional infrastructure, not the individual broader impacts activities.
BI Poster

2012 NSF Joint Annual Meeting Poster Session

Title: Creating Synergies to Broaden Participation at Iowa State University
Authors: Sharron Quisenberry, Bonnie Bowen, Diane Rover, Megan Heitmann
2012 JAM Poster

2011 NSF Joint Annual Meeting Poster Session

Title: Strengthening the Professoriate @ Iowa State University
Authors: Diane Rover, Sharron Quisenberry, Bonnie Bowen, Megan Heitmann
HRD Program Affiliation: Innovation through Institutional Integration (I3)
2011 JAM Poster