SP@ISU: About

Background of SP@ISU Development

SP@ISU was funded by a 5-year award from the NSF Innovation through Institutional Integration (I3) program in 2010.  Additional institutional support came from the Office of the Senior Vice President and Provost and the Office of the Vice President for Research.  NSF has currently funded 30 I3 proposals nationwide.

SP@ISU Mission

SP@ISU’s mission is to support faculty as they develop Broader Impact (BI) activities for NSF proposals, integrate these activities into their research program, and document their BI work for the promotion and tenure process.  Postdoctoral research associates and advanced graduate students will also participate as they prepare their professional credentials for the professoriate.  The outcome for SP@ISU will be more competitive NSF proposals, a new generation of faculty who integrate BI work into their research program, and increased participation of those traditionally underrepresented in STEM, all outcomes that will strengthen the professoriate.


  1. Build on current NSF programs to increase efficiency and effectiveness of ISU programs to broaden participation in STEM.
  2. Create a clearinghouse of programs, resources, information, and network of people to assist and guide in the development of a Broader Impact (BI) culture at Iowa State University.
  3. Facilitate and enhance the knowledge base needed by faculty to develop well-researched BI plans as part of their research enterprise.
  4. Develop protocols for assessment and evaluation of a faculty member’s BI initiatives for inclusion in the promotion and tenure process.

Who We Are

Visit this page to learn about the team involved in this project.

Additional Information

NSF Broader Impacts Handout (2013)