Managing Your Award

  • February 1
    10:00 am
    11:30 am

    Gallery, Memorial Union

    For many principal investigators, issues develop after they have received their grant award. This can include finding information about their budget, facing budget and accounting problems, how to charge travel expense, and how and when to submit reports. Investigators may also find that developing positions, finding the right people, and integrating graduate students and post-docs are critical components to the success of their projects. This workshop will not only discuss basic principles of award management and introduces to investigators the offices at Iowa State that can assist them, but will also provide researchers valuable insight into personnel issues that will help them build a successful team. Register here.

    Jerry Zamzow (Assistant Vice President for Research)
    Neena Bentley (Sponsored Programs Accounting)
    Becky Musselman (Office of Sponsored Programs Administration
    Susie Eaton (ITS Human Resources Liaison)
    Marc Peterson (Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research)

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